As a family owned and run business, SoloPerTe® Organic Skin Care is inspired by a personal story. 

Our Story begins with a young girl growing up in Siberia. She loved to dance and play in nature, and adored spending time with her grandparents in the wilderness of beautiful Taiga.

Her childhood memories are filled with her grandma making fresh remedy’s from herbs, berries, mushrooms, vegetables and her grandpa’s mystical knowledge about healing miracles steeped in Siberian’s traditions. These memories  tremendously impacted her life journey. 

When she was just 9 years old, Irina Dubinsky, the creator and president of SoloPerTe® Organics, was viciously bitten by wild dogs on her walk home from school one day. A few days later, she got very sick and was told that the bite was infected, and would most certainly leave a nasty scar.​ Her grandparents leveraged generation upon generation of knowledge of the nutrients that organic herbs, flowers, berry and foods provided, to nourish and heal little Irina. She was fed a potion of berries and mushroom tea, as a salve made of fresh herbs was placed on her infected wound.

Her grandpa’s Siberian rituals healed her fragile and scared soul.

Irina recovered completely and to this day, the holistic care she received instilled a strong believe that nourishing the body inside and out is vital to achieve total health and wellness.

The fascination about the healing powers of wild mushrooms and berries, herbs, wild flowers and trees, was all growing tremendously in her mind all those years.

Irina grew to love knowledge, love healing, and love the natural world around her. In 2008 Irina decided to bring meaning to her life with the creation of Soloperte Organics. 

As a Master Estethician for over 25 years, Irina has been caring for peoples skin, healing them with tinctures, oils, and the herbs she collected from her garden. She open her skincare clinic in the heart of Hawthorne, NJ in 2015 and grow successful business. They moved to new location in Fair lawn, where you can find the most unique skin treatments while feeling at home.

Her mission was simple: to share her passion for beauty and healing with as many people as possible.

Her vision was clear: bringing the “Siberian spirit and ritual of healing of skin care” within women’s reach with protocols and rituals based on vital energies. 

Her philosophy was genuine: to feel good in your body and soul, to feel good in your own skin.

Our promise to you is that we deliver happiness and extraordinary service by providing the healthiest and most effective skin care products.

This vision, mission and philosophy all remain as important for her today as they were the day she created SoloPerTe® in 2008.  

By providing the most effective skin care products, SoloPerTe® Organics is committed to give back to the community and those in need through charitable contribution and support.