I love your store. What a charming restful skin care store.  It was so warm and inviting. Most of all I felt a great sense of calm.  We shared a delightful organic tea that you mixed yourself, which added to the calming nature of the experience.  In our discussion you mentioned a few creams that would help the lines in my 57 year old face.  I bought the Apple Stem-Cell moisturizer. And I don’t want to exaggerate, but honestly I woke up to not a single line in my face. My skin was glowing. My neck was lifted. I feel I just found the perfect facelift in a jar.This is an “Absolutely Spectacular” product.  I’ll certainly buy more and recommend to a friend. 

 Thank you  thank you!!

-Julie, Mahwah, NJ


 I agree with all the reviews. Irina provides exceptional service with her loving mother touch. She is so kind and really takes care of her customers and prides in her business.

I've been a regular for more than a year now and I always look forward to talking with Irina during the service. Shes very gentle and knowledgeable.

Her new location is now more spacious and has a bigger parking lot so shes just getting better and better.


I'm using a Green Tea Cleanser & Licorice Creme. Having very sensitive, reactive & acnegenic skin, I am limited in what I can use. This products created No irritation & after daily use much improved the comfort & look of the skin. Very effective, very affordable considering the high quality ingredients in each formula.

-Kate H, Wayne, NJ